Sunday, June 19, 2011

temper tantrums

i am going to count to 10 and breathe before i react

i am going to say 1 nice thing to myself in the mirror

i am going to tackle 3 goals daily

i am going to establish a workout routine

i am going to make amends with enemies

i am gonna say what i mean and mean what i say

i am going to be a better mom

i am not going to judge myself

i am not going to be lazy

i am going to reconnect with socks

i am going to play music again

i am going to not gossip

i am going to meditate

these are things i know i can do.  these are things i know i HAVE to do.  i came to a really ugly reality and that was myself.  i do not like the way i am sometimes and i want to change....i do know that i have a lot of good qualities about me.  i love how open i am.  i love how understanding i am.  i love my humor.  i love my sense of rhythm.  i love my laid backness.  but i wanna be better.

i promise, my blogging won't always be about this break-up.  i'm actually getting over it....little by little.  soon you'll be hearing about something else....something new. 

1 comment:

  1. I've looked at my "bad" habits and being cold if I don't like someone is my go-to character. It's the ugliest thing about my personality. Now when I recognise it, I try to fix it asap. It's so deep in my psyche but I noticed that my Tias all do it. Actually all the women in my fam do it. We all have shit to work on and I think your list is a good place to start.