Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hair dressers and highschool

initially, this was a blog i started to catapult a zine that i wanted to do with my girlfriend of 2 years.  i thought the name was clever and she is really into sustainability.  i thought together this would be an amazing journey to not only better ourselves but better mother earth.  i was so excited.  the big picture was financial freedom doing something we loved.  

so, what happens?

we broke up.  today actually.  

what's even weirder is i took a 3 hour reiki/yoga workshop yesterday....felt awesome (side note:  i do not do yoga ever...i thought i'd try it out and since my gir....ah, ex-girlfriend owns a yoga studio i thought, what the hell)

where was i?  oh ya, reiki/yoga workshop.  it was FANTASTIC.  i learned how to self heal with the energy of my hands...finally found my 3rd eye (i think) it was purple....does that mean anything?  learned some great tips to live by.  want to know them?  

it starts out:

. do not anger
. do not worry
.be grateful
.do work with integrity
. show love and respect for every living being

i thought that this sounded easy enough.  if i just took one a day and applied it to my life, maybe i'll finally get there.  be on the same evolved level as my (her name is kami..girlfriend) so on the same level as kami.  

FACEBOOK STATUS today reads....anyone?  JUST FOR TODAY do not anger.




yep.  that's right.  just for today.  the day kami and i break up.  so, what did i do to NOT anger.  it was hard, believe you me.  i meditated.  i sat there and because i've got a bad case of the a.d.d's i just counted my breath so that my mind wouldn't wonder.  i also tried out my self reiki tips that i had learned the previous day.  

so the moral of the story is:  i like the name of this blog.  i'm gonna keep it and make it my own.  today is the first day of the rest of my life.  follow my journey.  i promise you, it'll keep you interested.  

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